and then there were Two, and a Kasich

Last night, saw Donald Trump win big claiming delegates and victories in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina. With a victory in Florida that forced Marco Rubio to finally face the writing on the wall and suspend his campaign for the Republican Party Nominee. Something conservatives and the never-Trump movement hoped would've happened before Florida so that Ted Cruz, who Rubio's campaign quickly endorsed following Rubio's announcement that he was suspending his campaign, could have been much more competitive on Super Tuesday Two. 

Yet, with a John Kasich victory in Ohio, Donald Trump despite his outstanding night was unable to seal the deal yesterday. Leaving open the very real possibility that true conservative and Constitutionalist Ted Cruz can now beat Trump and win the Republican Party's nomination.

Freedom Fighter: The Story of Ted Cruz

His story is why every American who truly understands why Washington crossed the Deleware, 
should vote for Ted Cruz, and why I TRUSTED.

Think Aboot It.

Proud to be "Anti-Choice" and "Pro-Life"

The internet exploded after news broke earlier today that a new extension for web browser Google Chrome will, when downloaded by an user, change the words pro-life to anti-choice on any web page. An extension, that as the creator who partnered with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund and who wishes to remain anonymous states, is useful in winning the war against those who stand against a women's right to choose. Arguing that the term pro-life, demonizes those who are pro-choice, "by suggesting that in their support of a woman's right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way."

Calling it a powerful tool in the fight against women health rights. Instead of what it truly is, pinheaded political correctness run amok.

The Truth about the Remarkable South Carolina Results

In historic fashion the South Carolina people have selected the next Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. With Trump winning the state after receiving 32.5% of the vote, 10 points better than Marco Rubio who finished with 22.5% of the vote, and third place finisher Ted Cruz who finished with 22.3% of the vote. Meaning that Donald Trump now leads all Republican candidates with 67 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz with 11 delegates, and Marco Rubio with 10.

Yet, while it is true that South Carolina has successfully selected every Republican nominee in our nation's history, there are significant truths inside the remarkable results of the South Carolina primary that may suggest that this race is unlike any other in the nation's history.

No Open Door Policy in Competitive South Carolina Primary

News came to light late last night that Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz had an intimate closed door meeting inside a storage closet to discuss their now long running feud over what Carson has been calling 'dirty tricks' by Cruz during the campaign. Especially in Iowa, where Cruz took advantage of Dr. Carson's cryptic actions and CNN reporting to suggest that Carson's Iowa supporters should support Cruz instead. With the meeting by all accounts, despite lasting 30 minutes which was much longer than the agreed upon 5, not going well for Cruz who was hoping to patch up the relationship with the neurosurgeon ahead of today's South Carolina primary.

Since while feuds between  political candidates are nothing new in the current political climate and are therefore normally insignificant, case and point Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, the feud between Carson and Cruz is remarkably significant for several reasons.

Apple Takes Big Bite Out of Astonishing FBI Overreach

If it wasn't bad enough that our 2nd amendment rights were under siege from a President and a federal government that our completely out of control. Yesterday we learned that our right to free speech and privacy, rights guaranteed to us in the 1st and 4th amendments, are now under assault by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI by deciding to make their legal actions and negotiations with Apple Inc., makers of the popular iPhone, public instead of private as was their right to do. They revealed to the public their attempt to force Apple to create a backdoor in their cellphone security encryption that would enable the FBI to listen, track, record, and spy on all American citizens through their iPhones without a warrant, all in the name of national security.

This suggests that not only does the government want to bring George Orwell's monstrous fantasy world detailed in his book 1984 to life, but because Apple Inc. refused to cooperate the potential legal battle that could ensue may act as a test drive for the FBI in how to garner support from the American public and legally win such cases. In order to force other companies such as Alphabet Inc., creators of most in use cellphone operating system in the United States, Android, to create an unlimited backdoor for the FBI and other government security agencies to spy on all Americans.

This raises the fundamental question, did Apple Inc. make the right decision by denying a backdoor to the FBI?